Volunteer at the 2021 Perth Special Children's Christmas Party
SETUP: Friday 19th November
PARTY: Saturday 20th November

The aim of the Special Children’s Christmas Party is to provide in excess of 2,000 children from all over the region with a day they will never forget.

The children come from four major groups: Children who may be seriously ill, intellectually or physically impaired and also the underprivileged. The Party is not open to the public but to all Sponsors and the children and their families. We are expecting approximately 3,000 – 4,000 people.

We put on a free day including lunch, drinks, fruit, lollies, ice creams and chips and a three hour live stage show. Other entertainment for the children includes face painting, rides, interactive displays and much more.

Of course no Christmas party is complete without Santa Claus! Each child will receive at least two or three high quality presents.

This is the 25th anniversary of the Party and we want to make it one of the best day's ever for these brave children.

This year's Party will be held at the the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre on Saturday 20th November.

About Volunteering for the Party:

Your role for the day will be co-ordinated by your Activity Supervisor (to whom you will report to after registering and signing in).

We encourage you to be flexible and exercise initiative during the busy 4 hours of this event.

We appreciate, value and depend heavily on all volunteers turning up on the day.

Your responsibilities as a volunteer:

• You must wear your Christmas Party T-shirt, name badge at all times.

• All volunteers must report to the Volunteer Registration point to sign in from 9am.

• All volunteers MUST SHOW some form of identification. *Photo ID *Medicare card.

• We welcome your feedback, suggestions and recommendations as a result of your volunteer experience. Please provide comments to your Activity Supervisor or email

• Please assist us to provide a safe, welcome and happy environment for all of our guests.

• Please wear sensible shoes (no thongs).

• Keep yourself hydrated.

• Please do not use your mobile phone while on duty unless in an emergency.

• Smokers, for the parents there will be a designated area however we ask that you have your cigarette break out of view of the public. Please keep the area clean and tidy and use the ashtrays provided.

• It is advisable not to bring valuables to the event as we don’t provide lockers.
(If you are personally volunteering, just put Myself)

Health & Safety Handbook

All Christmas Party volunteers MUST READ the Special Children’s Christmas Party Health and Safety Handbook located at the link below.

By completing this Registration Form you have indicated that you have read and understand the Special Children’s Christmas Party Health and Safety Handbook and agree to adhere to the guidelines set out in this document while you are engaged in your volunteer duties.

Please contact the Christmas Party Office, on 1300 88 77 36 if you are unsure of any of the information presented in the Handbook.

Special Children’s Christmas Party Health and Safety Handbook


I acknowledge that I received a copy of this Special Children’s Christmas Party Health and Safety Handbook and that I have read and understood it.

I agree to comply with the policies and procedures applicable to me contained within the Special Children’s Christmas Party Health and Safety Handbook to the best of my ability and to comply with all policies and procedures when attending other workplaces.


Because of the recent pandemic, we are governed by restrictions to maintain the safety of our guests.

All invited guests, staff and volunteers will also need to sign in via the SAFE WA app.

Participants are reminded to stay home if unwell. Everything is sanitised, especially anything that is shared.

Working With Children (WWC) Check

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our invited guests and highly recommend, that as a volunteer, you apply for a WWC (Working With Children) check.

It is $11 to apply for a WWC as a volunteer, more information and application can be found here: Application Form.

It is not mandatory, but it is preferred. Some areas do require the WWC.
If you have a current WWC, please provide above


Friday, 19th November
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

We require a number of volunteers to assist the day before the party with the following tasks:

• Compile the show bags that the children will receive when entering the event
• Unpack, set up & display the children’s gifts in the ‘Toy Room’
• Decoration of Toy Room and Santa’s Area
• Infrastructure Set Up - trestle tables, chairs, signage etc
• Food Preparation

Volunteers will be required 8:30am – 9:15 for sign in, with a 9:30am start. Finishing time is dependent on the number of volunteers and tasks to be completed. Lunch will be provided. We will try to contain this component to 6 - 7 hours – many hands make light work, spread the word!

PARKING: is available at the Centre's carpark (paid parking)

Saturday, 20th November
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Registration is open anytime from: 8:30am – 9:30am
Safety Induction: 9:45 -10am
Event duration for public: 10:30am – 2:30pm
Volunteers please remain until approximately 4:00pm to help pack up

PARKING: is available at the Centre's carpark (paid parking)

* requires WWC
As part of your identification we will provide you with a Special Children’s Christmas Party T-shirt to wear on the Saturday, we try to keep these bright and happy in colour so that we all stand out. There will be a selection of sizes from Small to XXXL. These will be given to you at registration time.